Couple in Las Vegas has Been Charged Violating a Cosmetic License

A couple in Las Vegas has been charged with alleged violation of a license to practice cosmetic procedures. They are suspected of using fake licenses and certificates to convince their patients. The procedures they perform include Botox and the practice of injections on the lips for beauty.

According to Las Vegas police, the pair were arrested and detained on October 15. Olga and Kenny Girchenko practice the unlicensed procedure in the medical facility they have opened in their rented home.

The police launched an investigation after receiving news from a patient who had an allergic reaction after carrying out the procedure at the venue. The patient admitted that at first, he felt that the services they provided looked professional. However, not long after the operation, an allergic indication appeared which was quite disturbing. From there the police found that the name “Coco Labious” which the suspect used as his Instagram name was not registered as a nurse who had official permission.

In addition to the discovery of the fake medical nurse’s Instagram account, the police also found a Facebook page with the same name. The Facebook page states that “Coco Labious” has been established since 2017. Not only that, but the page also states that they are licensed and certified and are part of the specialist “Russian Lips”.

Based on the investigation, the Girchenkos has been charged with acting as nurses without official permission and acting arbitrarily as fake medical practitioners.

In addition, Olga Girchenko also received accusations of obtaining money under false pretenses for having received money from her victims after claiming to be a licensed, certified, and licensed medical specialist specializing in lip augmentation. To date, there have been more than two patients who have claimed to be victims of Olga and Kenny’s illegal practice.

After further investigation, the two couples were taken to the Clark County detention center and will be further processed by the police.