Donation collects in Las Vegas for Afghan refugees

On Friday and Saturday, last week, there was a collection of donations for Afghan refugees. A group of people consisting of former interpreters and military veterans collects various items that can be donated. The items they receive are daily necessities such as towels, underwear, rags, soap, and toothpaste.

The group of people is sheltered by one of the Las Vegas non-profit organizations, namely the Freedom Support Alliance (FAS). The organization was created by “HK” who is an interpreter for the United States troops who was born and raised in Afghanistan.

“HK” has successfully evacuated his family consisting of his parents, brother, and sister to Las Vegas. He also helped with the evacuation of his wife and several residents out of Afghanistan. The evacuation was successfully carried out by “HK” a day before the deadly attack that occurred at the Kabul airport.

“Many of them have all tried to do it, very many. They just want to try their best once for the sake of their future, the future of their family and children.” HK said about the hundreds of Afghans who died in the last deadly attack. “Do you know? Sometimes I imagine being in the position of those who experience this”, added HK before closing the conversation.

Currently, HK’s organization has helped thousands of Afghan refugees who managed to get out of the country. The interpreters are ready to help to take care of the document processing for refugees. They are also ready to help refugees to equip them with English and find decent jobs.

Currently, several Afghan refugees consisting of several heads of families have settled at Las Vegas. However, most of the refugees still remain at the military base because there are still documents that they need to take care of.

All donations that have been collected by the organization will be distributed equally to various base posts and housing. They hope that this help can help the refugees to live a little better.