The Rise of Post-pandemic 25th EDC

The Electronic Daisy Festival, also known as EDC, is the largest electronic music festival that is regularly held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

EDC is regularly held annually in May, but unfortunately, during May 2020 EDC was canceled due to a pandemic that has hit the whole world, COVID-19. Many people regretted the cancellation of this music festival organized by Insomniac, but they had no other choice but to accept it.

EDC 2021 will still be held, but there is something a little different with this year’s festival. This year, EDC was held in October and not in May. “This time, we are holding the EDC at the end of the year because we have to consider many things such as the intensity of visitors, supporting facilities, workforce, and most importantly the COVID-19 pandemic. It sounds ambitious to create a giant mass, but this is what we can do for this 25th festival that so many people have been waiting for.” Said Chairman of the EDC Committee.

“It’s colder, but we’re not cold because the festival is very hot.” Said Arthur and Ann, two visitors to this music festival who came from California. Many people complained when they found out that EDC would be held this month because of winter, but their complaints disappeared when they attended the festival in person, just like what happened to Arthur and Ann.

But visitors who set up camp have their complaints. “My tent is really hot during the day, the last two days it even reached 108 degrees (Fahrenheit). I can not sleep.” Said Polly. Polly also regretted the supporting facilities such as bathrooms, sinks, and showers. “The facility doesn’t work, no water will come out when I use it.”

For this, the EDC and Insomniac have fixed it not long after the complaint was received. “That is right, we have fixed the facilities that were not working.” Said the EDC Committee we met shortly after.

The festival that runs from October 22 to October 24 invites many big shots such as Alan Walker, 3LAU, Alesso, and many other performers.